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bronze-packageBronze Care Package

services range


  • Basic bill pay and monitoring from day-to-day
  • Collect and review bills and other financial documents
  • Ensure bill payments are accurate and on time
  • Sort and review monthly mail received

silver-packageSilver Care Package

services range


  • All services included in Bronze Care Package
  • Monthly monitoring of bank & credit card activity
  • Create budgets, manage cash flow
  • Monthly calls to clients to ensure needs are met

gold-packageGold Care Package

services range


  • All services included in Silver Care Package
  • Obtain/oversee home and health care services
  • Monthly monitoring of client safety and well-being
  • Serve as health care surrogate to client if needed

About the Gold Care Package

Our clients generally benefit from the Gold Care Package particularly when they require service providers within a range of varied activities. We may also act on the client’s behalf as their Health Care Surrogate or Professional Guardian if the need presents itself.

We realize that as the client begins to require additional health services, the client is increasingly susceptible to fraudulent activities. To ensure the highest levels of treatment are available to the client, we will handle the finances which would allow for the most cost-effective treatment plan possible. When our clients are placed into the Gold Care Package they are sure to receive all services offered within the Silver Care Package at no additional cost to the client.

About the Silver Care Package

Our clients generally benefit from the Silver Care Package particularly when they are in need of a variety of monthly services which require close monitoring and immediate follow-up.  These services range from managing budgets & cash flow, monitoring bank & credit card activity, and monthly calls & visits to clients. We protect our clients from financial exploitation by reporting all, if any, fraudulent activity made to their bank account due to financial assailants. Enabling a budget allows our clients to focus on necessary payments and save against careless spending of funds. Monthly calls & visits ensure that our clients receive the proper care and that their direct needs are being met.

Senior Maintenance Service’s Silver Care Package is perfect for any individual that may require additional services than those offered within the Bronze Care Package.

About the Bronze Care Package

Our clients generally benefit from the bronze care package particularly when they are in need of assistance with necessary day –to- day tasks. These services range from basic bill pay, collecting & reviewing mail, and ensuring payments are made accurately.

Unfortunately, many seniors are susceptible to unnecessary charges/fees when handling the payments of their monthly bills. Seniors gathering their daily mail may come across an unsuspecting scam and make a payment in fear they will be held accountable.

Senior Maintenance Services protects each of our clients from fraudulent activities as well as unnecessary spending due to scams.

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